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PURPOSE:  Transforming Schools with God’s Love & Truth



A Daniel Weekend is a uniquely designed think-tank gathering of educators where they examine their environment and discover powerful, practical solutions to transforming our schools with God’s love and truth.  in this process, attendees contribute from their experience but also grow significantly in their own knowledge, discipline, skills, and attitudes to become a “modern-day Daniel.”  Daniel Weekends transform the lives of educators and assist them in developing a plan for accomplishing this goal and then have a team to share the journey with them.


  • Active input and participation to address challenges and obstacles facing Christian educators
  • Participant-inspired and trainer-supported solutions developed into credible Plans of Action
  • Training and education in legal freedoms and study skills


  • Transformational approach to problem-solving and solution development
  • Encouraging and inspiring environment to learn and grow
  • Post-weekend support and accountability

Weekend Objectives:

  • Establish an environment of encouragement
  • Build relationships and sharpen people-building skills
  • Focus on How to bring God’s love and truth into our schools
  • Develop the “as is” situation (current reality)
  • Visualize the “could be” situation (intended future)
  • Develop Plans of Action
  • Sharpen creative thinking and planning skills
  • Grow in daring, boldness and courage
  • Gain the vision to become a modern day Daniel

Attendees leave a Daniel Weekend refreshed and renewed:

  • Size is intentionally limited to 30 participants
  • Attendees must be nominated, then self-apply for admission
  • All attendees are recognized as proven Christian leaders
  • Expenses are paid by generous donors investing in educators
  • Attendees are not taught.  They are guided in their personal discovery of solutions


Bernie, English Teacher

If you don’t go, months after the even you probably won’t even remember what you did at the time of the Daniel Weekend.  But, if you do go, you will remember what you learned and whom you met forever.  The impact is eternal.

Ashley, Media Specialist

This weekend has reminded me that the school can be my mission field.  It has made me think about what else I can do to serve God while at work.

Andrea, 4th Grade Teacher

This weekend allowed me to narrow my focus on God’s plan for my life.  It has been powerful to meet with fellow teachers, receive prayer, and discuss ways to include Christ every day in my classroom.

Sonya, 1st Grade Teacher

This weekend helped me reflect on how I can change me so I can help transform my classroom through God’s Love & Truth. I realize now that I have missed opportunities that I can share God’s love and truth with my students.