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In 2009, Dick Amundson (Tentmakers’ founder) and Finn Laursen (Christian Educators’ Executive Director) began working on a way to effectively bring Christ-centered leadership training to public school teachers as they reach out with God’s love and truth in the Public Schools.  What developed was a weekend think-tank experience that evolved into the Daniel Weekend.  This two and one-half day course utilizes Tentmakers unique training process: a team-led, interactive process in which people learn through the modeling, discovery, and practice of time-tested principles in an environment of discipline, affirmation and encouragement.

TENTMAKERS – www.tentm.org

  • MISSION – To prepare Christ-centered leaders who equip young people with the skills, relationships and courage to serve and succeed.
  • VISIONTo raise up young people with compassion, character and faith in Jesus Christ who have the imagination, moral fiber and tenacity to lead in all walks of life–business, industry, education, the Arts, government and the Church.
  • VALUESMinistry through relationships; Learning by doing; Christ-centered leadership; Multiplication through equipping; Young people following Jesus



Our Mission is to be a catalyst for creatively unleashing abundant resources so as to offer communities authentic community.  Our 2016 Emphasis is Education and therefore multiplying Daniel Weekends nationally is a priority.  We have a designated Giving Fund with The National Christian Foundation and offer creative strategies for increased generosity leveraging non-cash asset donations.  Let’s raise $15,000 and bless 30 Christian teachers with a phenomenal retreat experience at beautiful Green Lake Conference Center early Spring 2016.  Contact us at 800.725.5276 or partner@CommunityIMPACT.net